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Private music lessons are an investment into you ( or your child), giving them abilities far beyond the knowledge of the instrument. "Musical involvement improves a student’s self-discipline, dexterity, coordination, self esteem, thinking skills, listening skills creative abilities and personal expression.” (Does Music Have An Impact on the Development of Students?” article by Tony Mickela, visit www.childrensmusicworkshop.com 

 Lessons are tailored to each individuals interests. I appreciate your interest in music and your desire to become a better musician. If you have any questions, please feel free to call. (406) 360-9301 

Studio Policy

Thank you for your interest in music instruction. In order to obtain the best possible results from your course of study, the following lesson agreement contract must be read and signed by both students and parents. This will assist you with the quickest possible growth and development and insure that the student-teacher relationship is understood properly. The following terms and conditions apply to all private instruction. This is a LEGALLY BINDING contractual agreement. Please read it carefully and sign it before we proceed. This contract automatically renews every month. 

When you sign up for music lessons with a professional music teacher, you are entering into a BUSINESS relationship with them, and you are expected and obligated to follow a certain number of common-sense protocols and rules, and the student is expected to follow a few rules regarding how they organize their schedule and organize their lesson homework. Music Instructors teach lessons for a living and this is a full-time business for all of us, not for “fun” or for a “hobby.” We must earn our living and pay our bills with only the money we receive from our students, so we absolutely have to reliably count on it and depend on it, just as you count on and depend upon your personal paycheck, once a student commits themselves to taking lessons.

It is important to remember that your lesson time has been reserved for you or your child and no one else. You are paying not only for a lesson, but a time slot reserved for you.

30 minute lessons: $___70.00 Monthly for (4 weeks or 5 weeks - SAME PRICE)
ONE HOUR lessons: $__130.00 Monthly for (4 weeks or 5 weeks - SAME PRICE)
NOTE: These payments are NON REFUNDABLE, and there are no refunds for any reason, stated or implied.

 Payment is due at the beginning (up front) and then on the last lesson, to reserve your lesson time for the next month. All lesson payments must be paid in advance before we can start with lesson instruction. TUITION IS BASED ON A MONTHLY RATE, NOT HOW MANY LESSONS A STUDENT ATTENDS.

Sorry - There is No “24 hour” or “48 hour policy.” If you cancel or do not show up for any reason, you automatically get charged in full for the scheduled lesson time. Lesson prices are based on a monthly flat rate, not how many lessons a student actually attends. I do not automatically issue any “credits” for cancellations. I do not “carry over” makeup lessons to the next month. If you are unable or cannot reschedule a lesson due to your own schedule limitations, you forfeit the lesson time. If you can’t show up or if you miss the lesson, or if you cancel the lesson, your monthly lesson payment is still due on time for the following month, and we don’t “extend” any monthly payments due to missed or cancelled lessons.

 5. QUITTING LESSONS/Leaves of Absence/ No Shows:
2 WEEKS NOTICE (14 CALENDAR DAYS) required before quitting lessons or any leave of absence. Once you sign up for lessons you are entering into a BUSINESS relationship with the instructor. It is not acceptable to quit lessons by just not showing up! - you will be charged for the entire month PLUS late fees and collection costs. Students who abandon the lessons by not showing up on a pay week will automatically be charged for the entire month in full, plus a $10 per week late fee, plus all collection costs. Students absent from 2 lessons in a row with no contact will be dropped from the schedule completely with no refunds, makeup's or credit. Please note that it is up to the student or the parent to communicate directly with the instructor well enough in advance to plan any absences or rescheduled lessons.

 6.Waiting Parents:
Feel free to wait in the studio during the lesson. Please respect the teacher by being quiet during the lesson. You are welcome to leave your child for their lesson, but please know when your time slot is done and come pick up your child at the end of their lesson on time. I do not have time to watch them while giving another lesson. Please respect the next students lesson time.
 7. Required Items:

 All students are required to keep a 3-ring binder notebook with paper in it. Coursework must be kept neatly in the folder, not loose leaf papers stuffed into the guitar case or crumpled up papers stuffed into a pocket. Books, Disks, DVD’s. CD’s, strings, picks and other materials are NOT covered by your lesson tuition. Students/Parents will be required to BUY additional books and learning materials from time to time. Books and other lesson material are expected to be brought each week to the lesson.

Students will not be charged for any lessons cancelled by the instructor.

$15.00 Charge plus $10.00 Late fee (Total $25.00 charge plus face value of the check)

Thank you for your attention to these details, and I look forward to working with you and to help you accomplish your goals as a musician.

 Nathan Eyre
Essential Guitar Equipment

1. own instrument
2. Guitar tuner
3. three ring binder with paper
4. tab book
5. Guitar cable (if guitar has input)
6. new guitar strings (as soon as possible)
7. guitar picks
9. Guitar capo and half 

1. guitar strap and strap locks 
2. guitar cleaning kit
3. guitar stand
4. CD player/mp3
5. Humidifier
6. String winder / cutter
7. hard shell case

1/2 Hour Weekly Lesson-$70/Month

1 hour Weekly Lesson-$130/Month
Spanish Guitar Lesson
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