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Examples of Custom Orders
Old Barn Wood 3 string guitar
Bob Harrison Custom Carver Pickup
Maple Neck
Bullet Bridge
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Barn wood baritone Telecaster 
The back is made out of Walnut with laminated recycled barn wood for the top. All parts have been through an aging process. It has a custom roasted maple neck from Warmoth with 9mm brass casings for fret markers. See specs below.
Jason Lollar pickups. The neck pickup is a Gold Foil and the Bridge is a Vintage T. It is standard wiring with a volume control and tone control made from 12 gauge shotgun shells.
Sperzel Trimlok tuners. Aged
Gotoh Standard Tele Bridge: Aged
Electro Socket Jack Plate- Aged
Custom Rusted Pick-guard and Control Plate
Rusted neck Plate
12 gauge shotgun shell knobs
Barbed Wire decoration
9mm String ferrules
Warmoth Neck Specs
Style: Telecaster®
Construction: Baritone Scale (28-5/8") Conversion
Orientation: Right Handed
Neck Wood: Roasted Maple
Fingerboard Wood: Roasted Maple
Nut Width: 1-11/16"
Back Shape: Standard thin
Fret Size: 6105
Tuner Ream: Sperzel (25/64")
Radius: 10-16" Compound
Scale: 28-5/8" Conversion
Fret #: 24
Mounting Holes: Standard 4 Bolt
Pre-Cut Installed String Nut: GraphTech Black TUSQ XL - Standard Nut
Inlays: 9mm by Mission Valley woodworking
Side Dots: Black Side Dots
Finish: No Finish- Roasted Maple is maple that has been heat treated to remove sugars, moisture, and other impurities that can affect its stability. The result is a neck that is slightly lighter than normal and extremely stable. Because of its enhanced stability a finish is not required, making it the maple of choice for those who prefer the smooth, quick feel of natural wood. The roasting process also brings out a beautiful caramel color in the wood.
Here is a guitar for fine dining and blues. An all in one blues box. This guitar comes with a bottle of Flathead Cherry wine and two wine glasses. Sorry, the cheese is not included.
This fine dining experiance also comes with two slides, two blues harps, two 9 volt batteries and a bottle opener.
This 4 string guitar is made out of a vintage 1960's Hoyo De Casa cigar box. The neck is Red Oak with a Poplar Fretboard. It also has Abalone dot inlay on the Fretboard.
The bridge is made out of Oak with a piezo pickup mounted on the inside of the box. The bridge is floating so it can be moved back and forth to adjust the intonation (just like a Banjo or Mandolin). It has one volume knob and a 1/4" output jack . Scale length is 25 1/2.
The case is made from two Opus One wine boxes. Show up to a party with this bad boy and let the blues flow like fine wine
Lords Of Florida
This is a 3 string guitar built out of a vintage 1930's Lords of Florida Cigar Box. The neck is made out of Red Oak with nails for frets. It has one single coil Strat Alinco 5 pickup with a volume control and output jack. The bridge is made of Oak and is floating so you can adjust the intonation.
Here is a recording with a bit of distortion.
Amazing Grace
This one also opens up and doubles as a
lunch box or storage for potato chips.

Peanuts Lunch Box Guitar  
This is 3-String Guitar made out of a 1973 Peanuts Lunch Box. It has Gold Grover Tuners, a single coil 3-pole pickup, nickel frets and a gold volume knob. The neck is made out of Red Oak.
This guitar is made out of tin so it has the most sustain out of all the guitars I build. You won't believe the sound that comes out of these boxes.
Call me, and I can custom build one out of your favorite lunch box from your childhood.

Cohiba 4-String Guitar
This guitar is made from a Cohiba Red Dot cigar box. It has nickel Grover Tuners, nickel frets, aluminum floating bridge, 1 volume knob and a 4-pole Alinco 5 pickup.
You can get all the clean and dirty sounds out of this tone machine. 

Tabacatera Esteli 
This 3-string guitar was commissioned to a guy in Arizona. It has two piezo pickups embedded in the bridge, with an Oak neck and nickel frets.

Canary Island
This one has a skull theme. Skull volume knob, skull tuners, and a skull jack plate. It has an Alinco 5 single coil 3-pole pickup made out of rosewood. It has nickel frets and an aluminum floating bridge. The neck is made from Red Oak.

3-String Resonator Cigar Box Guitar
This 3 string resonator guitar is made fom a cedar Edge cigar box. The resonator cone and cover are made from brass. The neck is made out of Red Oak with nickel frets and 9mm casings for fret markers. The scale length of this is 34 inches, which makes the tone much lower than the others I sell.
It has two piezo pickups imbedded in the bridge so you can plug this bad boy in. It has one volume knob made from a 12 gauge shot gun shell.
Here is a song called Temporary Tattoo recorded on this guitar.
Here is another one called Wandering Aimlessly on this same guitar.

Carabana 3-String Cigar Box Guitar
This is a 3 stringer made out of a Carabana Commodore cigar box. The neck is made of Red Oak with nickel frets and nails for fret markers. It has economy tuners and a single coil Strat type pickup with an aluminum bridge and one volume knob.
This one sounds similar to the Lords of Florida sound samples. Check it out on the 1st page. This box does open up too.

Cohiba 3-String Cigar Box Tenor Guitar
This guitar is made from a large Cohiba Cigar Box. The neck on this one is Maple, but with a 34 inch scale length. This length is the same as a Bass guitar. But instead of bass strings I put Acoustic ones on. By doing this it has a much lower tone to it much like a Tenor guitar.
There are two piezo pickups imbedded in the floating bridge with one volume knob. It has nickel frets and Abalone dot inlay on the side of the neck for fret markers (Not shown).
Sound samples soon. You got to hear this one.

Resonator 3-string guitar
This bad boy is made out of reclaimed cedar. It has a maple neck, skull tuners, a 3-pole Alinco 5 pickup and two piezo pickups mounted under the bridge. It has 3-way toggle switch and two volume knobs made from 12 gauge shot gun shells. It has 9mm brass casings for fret markers.
The resonator cone is aluminum with a stainless steel cover and bridge.
With the two choices of pickups, this guitar can sound like a banjo, electric guitar or both combined. It is a great all around sounding instrument.

Each one is built out of a different cigar box, but here is an example of a fixed bridge model I make. I use a single coil Alinco Strat pickup. The magnetic pickup gives these guitar a gnarly bluesy sound with lots of sustain . The frets are made out of nails and the fret markers are the nail heads. I used a 1930's Indian Head Nickel for decoration. The sound holes are shower drains.

Montana License Plate Guitar
This is made from a 1939 Montana license plate.
9mm casings for fret markers and a barber wire bridge

Padron Cigar Box Guitar
Single Coil Strat pickup
Oak Neck and one volume knob

Vintage Nozzole Wine Box Guitar
This is a three string guitar made from a vintage 1970's wine box
This guitar is made out of a vintage 1970's cedar wine box. This has the look and feel of an old barn.
The pick-up is made by a gentlemen by the name of Bob Harrison who custom made if for me. It is a 3-pole single coil pickup made to look old and vintage. Just wait til you hear it!!
The neck is solid maple with nickel frets and has 9mm bullet casings for fret markers. The bridge is made from and old horse shoe and barbed wire and has one volume knob made from a 12 guage shot gun shell
The Texas Stars are made from copper and the decorative side metal is iron with a 22 bullet through it for decoration. The arrows you see are made out of leather.
Lords of Florida
1930's vintage cigar box guitar
Maple neck
Single Coil Strat pickup

Barn wood Reso
*Custom hand wound Steer Pickup by Bob Harrison
*9mm casing inlay
*12 gauge shotgun shell Volume knob

Barn wood Reso
*Custom hand wound Steer Pickup by Bob Harrison
*9mm casing inlay
*12 gauge shotgun shell Volume knob
Barn wood three string guitar
*Custom Arrowhead pickup by Bob Harrison
*Turquoise inlay
Three string Bard wood Reso
*Strat pickup
* 9mm casing inlay
* 12 gauge volume knob
Barn wood three string Reso
* Gold Foil pickup
* Piezo Pickup
* Three way selector
* Stainless steel aged cover

This is a 4 string guitar built out of a Fontana three bottle wine box. It has a single coil Strat pickup with an acoustic bridge and one volume knob. The frets and fret markers are made out of nails. The neck is built out of Red Oak and the Fretboard is out of Poplar.
Due to the size of box, this guitar has a rich acoustic tone to it, Plugged in, you get all the rich tones of an acoustic, plus the magnetic pickup offers all the beauty of the blues.
Here is a recording of this guitar. A song called Cherry Blossom
Yes this bad boy opens up and doubles as a lunch box....or strap holder.

If you see one you like that has been sold, contact me directly. I can make one similar.
Lunch boxes to come:
Night Rider
Kung Fu
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